Our Curriculum

Holy Family School uses Frog Street Curriculum for all Pre-School classes.

Frog Street Pre-K is a comprehensive, bilingual program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. The program is engaging for both teachers and children, and is easy to implement. The cornerstones of the program are: an extensive integration of theme;disciplines, and domains; special attention to social-emotional development; many levels and support of differentiated instruction, equity of English and Spanish materials and instruction; and a joyful approach to learning.

At Holy Family School we celebrate our Christian faith through books and songs from a variety of sources.

Toddlers: We focus on learning skills that enhance independence in the classroom, such as drinking from a cup without spilling, eating independently, washing hands, sitting in a group and listening to stories, common nursery rhymes and songs with movements, and playing well with other children.

Early Preschool (2’s): The children learn about colors, shapes, numbers and letters through songs and activities. Children are learning restroom and handwashing skills and becoming more independent at meal times.

Pre-K 1 and Pre-K 2 (3’s & 4’s): The children continue to learn about colors, shapes, numbers and letters through songs and activities. Children are also learning to recognize and write their names. Computers are available in these rooms and children have time each day to play interactive and educational games.

Kindergarten Prep: Children are advancing in academic readiness, including early reading, writing, and basic number sense. Students are completely independent in hygiene and meal time skills. Transitional Kindergarten students also have learning opportunities outside of the school through a variety of field trips.

School Age: Children from kindergarten through 5th grade are picked up at local elementary schools and provided assistance with homework, a snack and outside play. During school breaks and summer vacation, school age children have activities and field trips appropriate to their age.